Originally from the region of Sancerre in France, our chef, Olivier Raffestin, landed for the first time in Quebec 20 years ago.


Olivier obtained his diploma as a charcuterie in 1978 at the Centre de Formation de Bourges, from l’Académie d’Orléans Tours. He particularly received a special mention from the National Confederation Charcuteries of France, a proof certificate of professional aptitude.  He practiced this trade for a few years in Sancerre and in Britain.

Winery Worker

He also worked in many vineyards in the Loire area under different titles: vine cutter to cultivation chef, by way of grape picker, principally at Gitton Père et Fils in Sancerre. He learned all the tricks of the trade in the fabrication of wine.  He knows how to recognize a good selection of wine and a good bottle!


It was in Quebec where Olivier Raffestin chose to study cooking. He then obtained his diploma of professional studies in cooking, established in Montmagny, then this was updated at the Center integrating into food and tourism in Quebec. In November 2006, he pursued his training at l’Institut Paul Bocuse, in Lyon, in France.

Olivier Raffestin worked at Aux P’tits Oignons in Lévis for more than 7 years. He was notably responsible for the kitchen, the chartuterie and the pastries, the production and the management of inventory and orders.

He was hired by l’Auberge des Glacis in 2000, as assistant chef. He rapidly became the principal assistant to chef Pierre Watters in the development and the quality of the menu. After some time he became a master in the art of preparing la quenelle lyonnaise (a house specialty), pâtés and the famous duck rillettes which are a delicacy at our breakfasts.

In September 2006, Olivier Raffestin was named head chef of l’Auberge des Glacis. He has continued to follow the tradition of gastronomic excellence that has given this establishment its reputation, to continue to give value to local regional products and to add his touch; that being a mix of audacity and refinement!