Long before it was an inn and even before the foundation of the village Saint Eugène l’Auberge des Glacis was a quiet flour mill on the edge of the Tortue River.

Its history started on October 14th, 1841, when Jean-Baptiste Couillard-Desprésacquired the seigniory of l’Ilet Saint-Jean from Marie Genevieve, widow of Joseph-Francois Couillard Després. The same month in October the builder Joseph Aubert obtained a permit to construct the flour mill across from Master Verreault of Saint-Jean-de-Port-Joli, a new mill is born.

In 1869 the mill was sold to Edward Beaulieu. It was destroyed by fire November 20th, 1882 but reconstructed by Edward Beaulieu and Alphonse Marie-Louis Caron. It was resold in 1885 to Exaucil LeClerc.

In the autumn of 1915, M. Auguste Ouellet, master miller, as they would have said at that time, acquired the mill in Saint-Eugène from Exaucil LeClerc and on January 25th, 1916, he linked in holy matrimony with Mlle Zèlia Gagnon of the l’Ilet parish and they used the property to build their home.

In 1930, the mill became the property of Ernest Saint-Pierre. The mill stayed in the family Saint-Pierre:  Charles-Antoine Saint-Pierre took possession in 1948, then in 1978 he turned it over to his son Marcel. He passed away on Sept 27th 1979.  In November 1985 the successors of Marcel Saint-Pierre sold the mill to Manon Bourgault and Simon Deschênes who transformed it into a lovely, comfortable inn, opening in March 1989 under the name of Clos des Glacis. From 1990 to December 1993, Jean-Marie and Jeanine Gagnon were the owners of the inn and re-baptized it l’Auberge des Glacis.

From 1993 to 2006, the inn was further developed by Micheline Sibuet and Pierre Waters

In August of 2006, Nancy Lemieux and André Anglehart acquired the inn and are following the gastronomic tradition established by their predecessors.

L’Auberge des Glacis is situated in the heart of a rich and diversified agriculture centre. In the Côte-du-Sud area, produce is abundant and of great quality. The first objective of the owners of this establishment is to give value to local products. Also, visitors have access to a gastronomic table full of freshness… all within a warm and friendly atmosphere.